To avoid disappointment do try to buy before any snow comes! People panic buy once snow is about and ‘shop’ stocks may run out!

The logs are kept at the bottom of the garden and once it snows I struggle to get them up to the top. Also you do NOT want to try Rockshaw Road in the snow – it is not gritted and is quite high and freezes very quickly.

Thanks for your continued custom and kind feedback


Price rise but bigger bags

As per post some months ago, from Sept 1st our bags are £6 and kindling £2.50.

Our bags are bigger than of late – and considerably larger than what you get in a supermarket. I am having to source my wood from further afield – as log burning becomes ever more popular it is not so easy to find ‘spare’ trees! The increased price will motivate me to chop enough so that we don’t run out this year.

****sold out for this season***

really sorry – there has been an unprecedented surge of wood sales and I have sold out of 2016/17 stock.
All my wood is seasoned for a year and it is of course impossible to hurry that process – last year I had loads left over as it was warm – it has been a very cold January.
I will update this website when next year’s stock is ready – please be assured I am working hard on this! Jack

Bad news #2

January 2017: It has been soooo cold for so long that logs have been flying out of the door – I am going to run out in the next few weeks. Once last year’s logs have gone, i’m afraid that’s it – they take a year to cure and I am chopping away for next year. ****text ahead to check we any left****

Bad news #1


We’ve held our prices (£5/£2) for three years, others have been lifting their prices. With regret from 1st September 2017 our prices will be £6 for the net bags and £2.50 for kindling. Our net bags are MUCH bigger than you get elsewhere (see picture) and of course quality is far better.
Of course it is always cheaper to get your wood in bulk – to keep costs down why not use our nice dry wood to get the fire going then use someone else’s inevitably-wet bulk wood?

Phone ahead!

While it may appear very relaxed here – I do actually keep tabs on things! Yesterday someone nicked 2 bags of logs without paying which is sad 🙁

Please text ahead of your visit 07443 033294 if you need more than two bags of logs – I am keeping the ‘shop’ stocks low just in case the culprit thinks I am a soft target.

Other than that have a happy, warm Christmas – I am unlikely to run out of stocks this year. Thanks for your business!


Autumn 2016

Last year’s warm winter means we have lots of *very dry* wood waiting for you. Boy does it burn. Regulars – you know the score – plenty in! Newbies – do try us out. Our wood is perfect for that new stove you just installed!


Spring is here?

April 2016: stocks of our one-year seasoned oak and ash logs are now drawing to a close.

Over summer we’ll sell ‘summer’ logs – they’ll burn brighter with slightly less warmth. It’s still ash/oak/cherry/hazel etc but it’s been lying around a bit more than it should.

Bags will be packed extra full so you get the same amount of heat – but actually these logs are better for chimineas/firepits/pizza ovens than slow burning ash and oak

Next year’s oak and ash is all laid up and seasoning and will be ready from November