I’m often asked for alternatives when we run out. Morrison currently have *hardwood* in at £4.99 but the bags are half the size. Let me know if you can do better and I’ll share the recommendation!

Last few bags

Last few bags – unlikely to get through the weekend. I’m afraid i can’t reserve them – all i can do if you text to check stock is to say something like ‘ten bags left now’ but someone may come before you get there. They are too big to put to one side.

Once they’re gone that’s it till the Autumn i’m afraid, you can’t hurry a log.

Thanks for your custom over the last few months


Nearly sold out

This weekend could be our last of this season – there’s been a rush. Once they’re gone I’m afraid that’ll be it till Autumn (eg Oct 18) when the moisture meter tells me the new piles are dry.

Thanks for your custom


Nearing the end of this year’s logs

I’m getting near to the end of this year’s stocks – and once they’re gone they’re gone, you can’t hurry seasoning of wood. Once its gone that’ll be that till October again, i suspect i’ve only got a few weeks supplies left.

Thanks for your custom and kind words


January stocks

This time last year we ran out – we haven’t had the snow that we had last year so there’s plenty not many logs left at the bottom. As ever if you need more than a few then do text me to check stock up the top.

Saturdays and Sundays are busy times and towards the end of the day stock can run low. Help yourself from the trailers and covered pile if the cupboard is bare.

The Government will shortly run a consultation on mandating the sale of dry wood. I am not worried by that!


Xmas/New Year: Open

Open! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our customers!

Regulars will know how we work and that makes it easy to pick up bags even on Christmas day if you run out! However young adults will be in charge over New Year s- if its cold and there’s a rush then the cupboard may be bare.

Last year we ran out in January after a cold snap.  I’m hoping to last a little bit longer than that this season….



To avoid disappointment do try to buy before any snow comes! People panic buy once snow is about and ‘shop’ stocks may run out!

The logs are kept at the bottom of the garden and once it snows I struggle to get them up to the top. Also you do NOT want to try Rockshaw Road in the snow – it is not gritted and is quite high and freezes very quickly.

Thanks for your continued custom and kind feedback


Price rise but bigger bags

As per post some months ago, from Sept 1st our bags are £6 and kindling £2.50.

Our bags are bigger than of late – and considerably larger than what you get in a supermarket. I am having to source my wood from further afield – as log burning becomes ever more popular it is not so easy to find ‘spare’ trees! The increased price will motivate me to chop enough so that we don’t run out this year.