Gosh you are all buying firepits! As our wood is lovely and dry it is good for firepits and will burn without excessive smoke!

Flu – business as usual

With it being sunny but chilly and many of you working at home, we are getting many enquiries ‘are we still open?”

Regulars will know that the advantage of our sales system is that no human contact is necessary, so we are open – and safe!

Keep well, keep separated, keep warm!

thanks as ever for your continued support


2020 winter coming at last?

The first daffs are showing opposite us – and finally winter might come, two months late!

Please don’t wait until ice/snow makes Rockshaw Road treacherous to panic buy logs – plan ahead! Remember saturday afternoons can be very busy!

Kind regards

Saturday afternoon rush

Everyone seems to grab their logs on saturday afternoons which means I sometimes struggle to keep the cupboard full!
If you travelling far or needing lots, best to avoid saturdays altogether!

We are happy with bacs payments – bank details on collection

Thanks, Jack

Winter over?

Warmest February for two decades? Log sales have been slow this year which is bad news for me but good news for you as i won’t run out!

Unless winter returns, I shall be left with excess logs so watch out for spring/summer ‘six for the price of five’ sales

Thanks for your custom


Happy Christmas!

Sales are picking up but please be careful – everyone seems to stock up on Christmas Eve and if it is pouring with rain i may not be able to restock cupboard as quick as it goes out! Regulars will know that they can pick up over Christmas…. we never shut


Panic buying nooooooooo!

Despite warnings I’m getting all these orders for logs and i’m away next two days! Hopeless teenagers in charge – no way will they restock the cupboard – best stock up sunday afternoon to avoid disappointment!

thanks Jack


Snow due? BBC forecast has the first snow forecast for Merstham this year.

Brrrrr. Stock up before snow comes because Rockshaw Road becomes impassable quickly – it is not gritted

Stocks great – I’ve got loads of lovely dry hardwood this year!