****sold out for this season***

really sorry – there has been an unprecedented surge of wood sales and I have sold out of 2016/17 stock.
All my wood is seasoned for a year and it is of course impossible to hurry that process – last year I had loads left over as it was warm – it has been a very cold January.
I will update this website when next year’s stock is ready – please be assured I am working hard on this! Jack

Bad news #2

January 2017: It has been soooo cold for so long that logs have been flying out of the door – I am going to run out in the next few weeks. Once last year’s logs have gone, i’m afraid that’s it – they take a year to cure and I am chopping away for next year. ****text ahead to check we any left****

Bad news #1


We’ve held our prices (£5/£2) for three years, others have been lifting their prices. With regret from 1st September 2017 our prices will be £6 for the net bags and £2.50 for kindling. Our net bags are MUCH bigger than you get elsewhere (see picture) and of course quality is far better.
Of course it is always cheaper to get your wood in bulk – to keep costs down why not use our nice dry wood to get the fire going then use someone else’s inevitably-wet bulk wood?