Panic buying nooooooooo!

Despite warnings I’m getting all these orders for logs and i’m away next two days! Hopeless teenagers in charge – no way will they restock the cupboard – best stock up sunday afternoon to avoid disappointment!

thanks Jack


Snow due? BBC forecast has the first snow forecast for Merstham this year.

Brrrrr. Stock up before snow comes because Rockshaw Road becomes impassable quickly – it is not gritted

Stocks great – I’ve got loads of lovely dry hardwood this year!

Cold snap forecast

The tabloids as ever led by the comic Daily Express weather ‘forecasters’ predict a super cold snap. They always do at this time of year. But within the next few days it will turn very cold so I’ll keep the cupboard stocked up.

I have had deliveries of unprocessed wood so mind how you go on the front drive. This’ll be ready in 2019/20 so don’t grab wet unseasoned bags which are ‘work in progress’

I have lots in this year and really hope to get past the second week of January when stocks usually run out as it all kicks off

thanks for your continued support


Logs – take care

Sales have restarted! But the front drive is a mess as I am working my way through a tree…. Please take care underfoot – if you grab any old bag it may not be seasoned, please see notices!



Log sales restart!

Great news – the hot summer has allowed the logs to season AND dry really well (there’s a difference) and we’ll be restarting sales on Thursday 30th August.

Thanks, Jack


I’m often asked for alternatives when we run out. Morrison currently have *hardwood* in at £4.99 but the bags are half the size. Let me know if you can do better and I’ll share the recommendation!

Last few bags

Last few bags – unlikely to get through the weekend. I’m afraid i can’t reserve them – all i can do if you text to check stock is to say something like ‘ten bags left now’ but someone may come before you get there. They are too big to put to one side.

Once they’re gone that’s it till the Autumn i’m afraid, you can’t hurry a log.

Thanks for your custom over the last few months


Nearly sold out

This weekend could be our last of this season – there’s been a rush. Once they’re gone I’m afraid that’ll be it till Autumn (eg Oct 18) when the moisture meter tells me the new piles are dry.

Thanks for your custom


Nearing the end of this year’s logs

I’m getting near to the end of this year’s stocks – and once they’re gone they’re gone, you can’t hurry seasoning of wood. Once its gone that’ll be that till October again, i suspect i’ve only got a few weeks supplies left.

Thanks for your custom and kind words