Autumn 2016

Last year’s warm winter means we have lots of *very dry* wood waiting for you. Boy does it burn. Regulars – you know the score – plenty in! Newbies – do try us out. Our wood is perfect for that new stove you just installed!


Spring is here?

April 2016: stocks of our one-year seasoned oak and ash logs are now drawing to a close.

Over summer we’ll sell ‘summer’ logs – they’ll burn brighter with slightly less warmth. It’s still ash/oak/cherry/hazel etc but it’s been lying around a bit more than it should.

Bags will be packed extra full so you get the same amount of heat – but actually these logs are better for chimineas/firepits/pizza ovens than slow burning ash and oak

Next year’s oak and ash is all laid up and seasoning and will be ready from November

The nights draw in!

Summer’s definitely over and the log stoves are being lit to avoid putting the central heating on! Stocks good but do phone if you are coming for a lot!

Stocks normal

July 2015: Kindling and Firewood in stock for summer firepits and chimineas – check before you set off if you need more than a few!