Refunds and legals

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Our credit card company will not let us take credit card payments for periods of more than one year

1/ If you cancel within 28 days of your order, we'll refund your money in full.
If you wish to cancel after that, we'll refund your money pro-rata less a 30 admin charge.

2/ Usual copyright laws apply. The newsletter cannot be copied in any way without the
publisher's express permission. We are happy to discuss special deals
(eg for small firms with multiple office locations).

3/ Environmental Management Publishing is registered and trades from:
The Garth, Rockshaw Road, Merstham, Surrey RH1 3DB 01737 642283

4/ Environmental Management Publishing is a limited company registered
at Companies House in England no. 05719761

5/ We publish Air Quality Bulletin (ISSN 1751-150X), Noise Bulletin (1751-1518) and
previously published Contaminated Land Bulletin (ISSN1751-8377)

6/ We do not offer agency discount

7/ We are happy to replace subscribers' recent missing issues gratis. For older issues,
ithin reason, we can replace any gaps in subscribers' collections

8/ We can now do electronic read-only suscriptions and these are locked to the user
to prevent copyright theft.