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This Month's (June 2021) headlines


London borough extends noise camera enforcement
Yet more noise camera delays
Conference report: wind turbine noise conference
Stansted approved in bad tempered judgment
Wedding marquee appeal fails due to noise
Shooting range refused at appeal in Wrexham
Florists workshop too noisy says appeal inspector
New attitudes survey for aviation noise
Swindon Council properly dealth with hot tub nuisance
....and Worthing low frequency noise dismissed as tinnitus
IoA launches soundscape competition for schools
Action week chosen to launch survey
EU report notes that action plans achieved little
Buro Happold and Vanguardia merge
Housing near noisy A14 refused at appeal
Sunderland clinches closure order
Council failed to consult EHO on gym noise
Home for special needs turned down on noise grounds
Night flight consultation extended
Aviation noise leads to heart attacks
Iccan mulls research needs for aviation and health
Tookit produced to ease airspace changes
KP acoustics expansion
Epping fine for dog noise
£1,000 fine for breaching notice in Southampton
... and £600 too

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