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May 2020 Issue 142 headlines


Covid special

Noise Bulletin: adapting to the virus

Consultants, local authorities and pressure groups are all affected by the pandemic with many working from home and/or furloughed. Some organisations have asked us not to send in paper copies.
Noise Bulletin is assessing how best to respond to this – and readers’ home working – and the best option may be to handle news online for the foreseeable future.
Could readers please let me have their email address so we can make this happen!


Highways England. Underspend. Underachieve.
Highways England’s first five year plan appears to have failed spectacularly - and funding has been cut for its new five year plan 
High Court rules on flat noise
A hotly fought High Court battle has been given leave to continue. 
Noise concerns over school use for bungalow
Council officers have had their view overridden concerning plans for a 65-child nursery being squeezed into a suburban bungalow near Blackpool. 
Ombudsman: Calderdale to apologise with £150 fine
Calderdale Council has come a cropper due to noise from church bells. 
South Somerset accused of ‘manipulating’ sound readings
Pressure washer noise from a garage has landed a council in front of the Ombudsman - but no blame was attached. 
Ombudsman endorses TfL efforts on noise
A couple complained of noise from an underground line. They said they had not heard trains for many years but suddenly the trains got louder 
Call for Covid calm measurements
The Covid: The quiet project - call for measurements to assess virus changes in traffic 
Heat pump concerns aired for future homes
The Association of Noise Consultants (ANC) warns on heat pumps in future homes standard 
Sleep affected by wind turbines
Wind turbine noise found to affect sleep, say Swedish researchers 
Chronic noise exposure causes oxidative DNA damage in mice 
Chronic noise exposure causes oxidative DNA damage in mice, say researchers 
Wind turbine ‘noise budget’ review allowed
The Scottish Court of Session has allowed a review of ‘noise budgets’ for wind farms. 
Fife sets out detailed noise policy
Fife Council has set ut detailed noise policy in a bid to reduce developer conflicts. 
Colchester asks residents to be thoughtful
From loud music and noisy power tools, to banging doors and late-night TV, Colchester Borough Council is seeing a big increase in calls from residents 
Stables goes to appeal on homeowner easement requirements
The controversial housing near the Milton Keynes Stable venue has gone to appeal. 
Appeal inspector confirms rejection of crematorium on tranquility grounds
A proposed crematorium in Nesscliffe, Shropshire has been defeated at appeal. 
Bats find road traffic noise 'irritating'
Road traffic noise causes bat activity to decrease by about two thirds and suggests that the negative effects could be felt considerable distances from the source. 
NAS covid plea
The Noise Abatement Society (NAS) is one of a number of charities vulnerable to the lockdown. 
Covid ‘experiment’
The Covid lockdown is proving to be a useful experiment, says an academic 
Noise decreases
A European report released last month suggests an initial decrease in noise exposure across Europe may have reversed in recent years. 
Sound Bite column
So how do you simulate errr ... a turd? 
Goodbye and thanks to Lis and Lisa
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