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May 2019 Issue 132 headlines

MK ‘deed of easement’ fudge

A housing development near a music venue in Milton Keynes has been approved despite fears of future noise complaints.

Fife gets tough on sealed windows

Fife Council has taken a stand against the growing trend to require sealed windows to cope with urban noise. (contrast this with Milton Keynes’ acceptance of windows ‘sealed in perpetuity’ above).

Challenge fails

A legal challenge to the Airports National Policy Statement has failed.

PSPOs more popular

Councils are making increasing use of Public Space Protection Orders to control noise, nuisance and antisocial behaviour.

Haulage yard noise not assessed

A developer of ten homes in Maulden, Beds, appealed against refusal of planning permission due to noise from a nearby haulage yard.

Barnsley bark

A dog owner from Barnsley has been fined £1088 for a barking dog.

Skate park prevents new home

Proximity to a skate park has led to rejection of a new house in Cornwall.

Inspector rejects questioning headroom

Noise was confirmed as a key reason for refusing an application for a Hertfordshire quarry – confirmed both at appeal and by the Secretary of State after the application was called in.

Chiller units rejected following complaints

Retrospective planning permission for externally mounted chiller units on a convenience store in Bedford has been rejected on noise grounds.

Noise costs

A study has set out the costs of not implementing European environmental laws such as on noise and air quality.

35dBA night limit

Planners have rejected taller wind turbines in Perth.

Lakenheath fails

A challenge has failed against Suffolk Council’s decision to build a school near the noisy Lakenheath.

Noise Relief?

Aviation pressure group Hacan has released a report challenging the aviation industry to take action to improve the noise climate for local communities. Noise Relief outlines practical measures which could be taken to achieve this.

Anti social behaviour issues

Noise is included in a major report into anti social behaviour.

ICCAN technical commissioner sought

The Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise (ICCAN) is seeking a two day-a-month noise advisor.

Brighton HMO: two too many

Two extra flats within an existing HMO (house of multiple occupation) are sufficient to cause unacceptable additional noise, a planning inspector says.

Report highlights noise equity gap

A European report on environmental equity has exposed weaknesses in the Noise Directive.

Infrasound petition

A petition is underway to ban new wind turbines until the “infrasound issue” has been resolved.

Thurrock man fined

A Purfleet has been prosecuted and fined.

Heathrow challenge rejected

Aviation is dominating the news and so dominates pages in this month’s Noise Bulletin! Attempts to challenge Heathrow’s third runway have failed. Protest groups have lost their Judicial Review of the Airports National Policy Statement which paves the way for a third runway at Heathrow.

Fleet of aviation reports released

l An investigation into the influence of background ambient noise levels on attitudes to aircraft noise (CAP 1767)
l Emerging Aircraft Technologies and their potential noise impacts
CAP 1766
l Noise Impact Survey Summary of Responses (CAP 1748)