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March 2019 Issue 130  headlines

Noise sinks HMO in Egham

Another HMO has been refused at appeal due to potential noise from additional pedestrians.

Alton Park ‘screams’ spectre threatens flats

Plans for old folks’ flats near Thorpe Park theme park are on hold due to concerns of screaming from roller coasters.

Noisy fighter jets prompt judicial review

Noisy fighter jets could be too loud for a school and housing near the Lakenheath RAF base in Suffolk.

Airport home too noisy in Leeds

A proposal for a home made out of shipping containers beneath the Leeds/Bradford runway has been rejected at appeal due to noise.

Night time noise omission

A plan to boost London’s night time economy does little for noise.

Shooting okay

A landowner has successfully defended a nuisance action against noise from shooting.

Leisure noise

Oadby & Wigston Borough Council has been criticised over failings in assessing a nuisance from a leisure centre, Increased use of loud music in the centre caused problems for neighbours.

Studio allowed at appeal

A recording studio in Nottingham initially refused on noise grounds has been allowed at appeal.

European aviation expansion impacts set out

A huge 112-page report on European aviation reveals continuing growth of aviation traffic and noise.

WHO upside down

In our report on WHO noise guidelines last month, we erroneously got the conclusions of Accon’s study upside down.

Fan silenced

Licensing laws have been used to silence a fan at a noisy takeaway.

Scottish guv

Steve Williamson was elected as the new chair of the Scottish Noise Advisory Group, to succeed Dr Bernadette McKell.

Scotland noise

Transport Scotland is consulting on its latest five yearly draft action plan, which begins in 2019 and runs until 2023.

Upstairs flat noise again

Another case has emerged with councils being criticised for handling of noise nuisance from upstairs flats with poor sound insulation.

Traffic and pedestrians sink 11 flats

Another planning appeal has reinforced that even small amounts of extra traffic and pedestrians can lead to planning refusal (see also p1 story).

Action week dates

Noise Action Week will return between 20th and 25th of May this year.

Scotland re-looks at firework nuisance

Scotland is consulting on the use of fireworks. It notes noise made by setting off fireworks can be a nuisance, and the disturbance can cause distress to both people and animals.

Covenant used to protect pub

A novel covenant for new residents near existing noisy venues may prevent future noise battles.

HS2 monitoring relies on NOAELs and SOAELs

Detailed monitoring is underway for noise impacts of HS2.

Crawley fears Gatwick

Crawley Council has decided to oppose expansion at Gatwick. The airport is proposing to boost capacity by using an emergency runway (Noise Bulletin November p4).

Turbine nuisance action succeeds

A long-running nuisance case against three 80m turbines has succeeded. The detailed judgment just released shows the terms of the injunction. A long running battle against three noisy wind turbines has succeeded. Papers released earlier this month confirm details of noise-sufferer Rosie Milne’s win in her private nuisance action against Stuartfield Windpower which runs three turbines at West Knock Farm in Aberdeenshire.

Greenwich prosecution

A resident who drove neighbours to despair by persistently playing excessively loud music has had to pay £750 following a successful prosecution by the Greenwich Council.

Sensitivity matters

New Zealand researchers have compared aviation noise with noise sensitivity.

Fracking noise: is it an issue?

Fracking is being opposed by local authorities despite central government backing. Noise and other environmental issues are in dispute, finds Lis Stedman