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May  2018 Headlines       Issue 145

TfL in cross border taxi plea

TfL is lobbying Government in a bid to limit cross border hiring of taxis.

LEZs will do nothing for particles

Speaking to the IAQM DMUG conference last month, Scott Hamilton of Ricardo once again pushed the firm’s fledgling Rapidair model which has been used to test scenarios of low emission zones in Scotland. He said: “LEZs will reduce NO2. New iterations of Euro 6 are expected to deliver substantial reductions of NO2 emissions and concentrations should drop.

Gove goaded

The Commons Environmental Audit Committee is taking evidence on the Government's 25 Year Plan for the Environment.

Wales consults

Wales is consulting on a Clean Air Zone Framework for Wales, and Cardiff is starting work on its LEZ feasibility study.

Class D for Bath to share pain

Bath is considering three options for clean air zones – including a Class D zone that will involve charging car drivers to share the pain. Diesel cars make up and average 49% of emissions within Bath.

US weakening

Car standards are being weakened in the US as part of President Trump’s promise to dilute environmental regulation.

Aviation pledge

The Government has released a think-piece on the future of aviation calling for evidence.

Clean again

2017 has been confirmed as another clean year in terms of air quality statistics. This was flagged up by our own AQB yardstick in January.

Vehicle ammonia builds up

Ammonia from vehicles is not being properly treated, warned Air Quality Consultants Ben Marner at the DMUG conference.

Silvertown arguments

TfL has submitted further air quality arguments in support of the east London Silvertown road tunnel. TfL claims it meets legal requirements.

Lorry charges

Lorry charges – the HGV levy – will be adjusted to encourage cleaner trucks.

National Mappair map now includes PM2.5

Mappair, which describes itself as the “first ever high resolution nationwide map of air pollution” – now includes PM2.5. at a claimed resolution of 100m.

More ammonia inventory woes

“There is a bit of a problem with emission inventories in the UK at the moment”, experts at the Dispersion Model User Group were told.

Euro-reasoning suppressed

The UK Government is refusing to release its arguments to the European Commission justifying its record on air quality.

App launched to help Bristol action planning

Bristol has launched a smartphone app to help with air quality action planning.

Maritime strategy

Parliament has debated what is to be done about cruise liner emissions when at birth in UK ports.

Ultra low buses

A new Ultra-Low Emission Bus Scheme aimed at cutting emissions and ensuring cleaner and greener journeys has been launched by the Government.

Wealden makes lonely stand

Wealden is digging its heals in and taking a tough line on cumulative impacts

Deaths updated

WHO has updated its own assessment of worldwide air quality related deaths – 7m – and its database for the Europe – half a million.

Burden reaches 7m

Seven billion people, more than 95% of the world’s population, live in areas of unhealthy air, according to a new global study by the Health Effects Institute.

Euro 6 bus mitigation accepted

While the appeal failed on other grounds, a developer was prepared to pay £1m for low emission buses to get housing near an AQMA. If you need £1m for buses, study this judgment carefully and get your bus bung!

Wales consults on new framework

Wales has rushed out supplementary plans to reduce NO2 having been caught out by Clientearth’s court case.

Wales plans judged to be lacking by Clientearth

Lawyer Clientearth claims Wales’ plans ‘lack clarity’ and are in danger of falling short of legal requirements.

Cardiff rushes to catch up

Cities across the UK are rushing ahead with feasibility studies in a bid to comply with the UK NO2 plan – whether they were in the first tranche or more recent tranche dragged in by Clientearth’s most recent court case. That court case dragged in Cardiff which is now having to play catch up.