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This Month's (Jan/Feb 2021) headlines


 Covid data management has lessons for noise
Mapping data will enable new PHE toolkit
Peterborough mosque seeks amplified call to prayer
North London pub battle on noise and Covid
Flat noise not a council HHSRS problem
Multiple errors quashes live music planning decision
Crawley in double PDR flat noise bat
Health evidence linking noise and death remains weak
Public inquiry into Stansted Airport expansion begins
Environment Bill delayed for third time
Heat pumps bad claims gas users
Consultation on post-Brexit BAT regulation regime
Future homes considers noise and overheating
Noise provisions of future homes standard unpopular
Agency unenforcement revealed by FoI question
Pitfalls associated with UK airspace modernisation
Night flight consultation is extended
Push to improve urban design for new developments
Agent of Change principles sink Wallingford flats
Short term aircraft noise can trigger heart attacks
Heathrow moots cut price community forum
Heathrow wins Supreme Court hearing to allow expansion
Danes compare modelling techniques
Survey reveals UK’s ‘noisiest’ city
Equipment seizure in South Cambridgeshire
Evans leaves RPS to go solo - and barking dogs too!

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