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This Month's (December 2020) headlines


Huge Birmingham development approved despite EHO objections 
Aberdeen wind operator angers local authority and appeals 
Clay pigeon shooting complaint rejected 
Cotton Farm wind farm complaint dismissed 
High Court tells wind operator to open its books 
Changing traffic levels lead to £39,000 damages 
Night flight tightening ties in Covid improvements 
Possible changes to the night time aviation noise objective 
Geese cause nuisance: abatement notice served 
Noise and deaths evidence remains weak 
Larger UK airports should have local noise forums 
Hacan’s John Stewart to step back 
Stop press: Heathrow expansion go ahead 
Review confirms limited sleep impact due to turbines 
ANC award ceremony takes place virtually due to Covid 
Roadside acoustic camera award reveals more details 
Agency v council regulation void referred to Ombudsman 
Future of urban deliveries include drones 
Competition launched to geolocate by sound 
Art and acoustics mix to create noise barrier 
Sound Bite column 


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