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November 2017 Issue 117 headlines

Annoyance level to drop?

Tucked away in the myriad of papers contained in the bundle supporting the re-consultation on the aviation NPS (see below) is a clear statement of intent to reduce the official ‘significant annoyance’ contour – currently set at 57dB LAeq 16hr.

Airports NPS revisited with extra analysis

Government is consulting on a revised draft Airports National Policy Statement. It includes much new analysis on noise resulting from a third runway at Heathrow.

Air firm launches new noise practice

Air Quality Consultants – one of the largest and most influential consultants in the air quality field – has launched Noise Consultants Ltd as a sister company.

Drone noise analysed

NASA researchers have attempted to assess the annoyance potential of drones. The proliferation of drones could lead to complaints.

Turbine distance no bar to complaints

The European Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee has confirmed that access to courts to challenge wind turbine permits cannot be dependent only on distance.

Gun silencer

An appeal against a noise abatement notice on a Northallerton gun club has been dismissed.

Further infrasound warning from Bowdler

Acoustician Dick Bowdler has warned against assuming nuisance from wind turbines is caused by infrasound.

Clock complaint

A letter of complaint regarding the way Dover District Council has handled its investigation into noise nuisance from church clock chimes has been issued.

£3,000 bill

Newcastle Magistrates’ Court has handed down costs and fines of £3,000 for failing to comply with a noise abatement notice served due to a resident shouting and playing loud music.

Perth in Muga trouble

Perth and Kinross has been criticised by the Scottish Ombudsman for failing to properly deal with noise from a MUGA (multi use games area).

Council misunderstands nuisance

Tower Hamlets has been told to apologise and pay £100 in costs for failing to properly understand its nuisance duties.

400,000 ‘E’s

400,000 Part E sound insulation tests have now been registered.

ProPG wins noise ‘Oscar’

The Noise Abatement Society has recognised the ProPG planning guidance in its annual John Connell Awards.

Bexley church rejected due to noise

A change of use from a warehouse to a church has been rejected at appeal due to noise concerns.

Noise sinks 55 Birmingham flats

Birmingham City Council has refused planning permission for a development of 55 flats next to a music venue. It was not prepared to allow the sealed windows needed to reduce the chance of noise nuisance.

Exposure divided by race

Ethnic minorities tend to be exposed to higher noise levels, United States researchers suggest.

Hyena follow up confirms health effect

A follow up to the Hyena airport noise and health study suggests notable health effects on residents living near Athens airport.

Turbines worsen suicide risk

An Illinois researcher believes wind turbines increase suicide risk.

Breast effect

A study of over 6,000 women living near Frankfurt airport suggests an increased likelihood of breast tumours are associated with aircraft noise above 55dBA – but not road or rail noise.

Activity curtailed

Traffic noise appear to suppress sports activity, researchers suggest.
Researchers investigated associations between modelled residential traffic noise and leisure-time sports.

Noise contributes to possession precedent

Noise nuisance has contributed to an important High Court precedent on procedures for evicting noisy tenants.

Bar bill

Leicester City Council has seized noise equipment from a bar following six years of complaints about very loud music.

Experts meet in London

The 24th International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV) tapped a huge body of noise research and findings