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This Month's (April 2021) headlines


Councils fear surge of complaints as lockdown eases

Unreasonable Elmbridge liable for appeal costs

Noise should be considered in Scottish air policy

Southend airport expansion prompts valuation row

Truly exciting” changes to building standards

Consultation on plans to clip scope of Judicial Reviews

Noise helps sink Suffolk development

Pub appeal lost on noise condition

Permitted development rights expansion confirmed

Noisy neighbour fined in Stroud

Second seizure for noisy Prestwich resident

Heathrow board winds down

Night flight response

Iccan wants to give itself extra powers

CAA report shows effect of lockdown on aviation noise

Uttlesford criticised as Stansted inquiry ends

Headache link to traffic noise

Battersea heliport noise analysed

Silencer for Mosmorron flare tip

New aviation performance based navigation route warning

Southampton airport expansion agreed

Space exploration noise worries IoA

Software switch


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