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July 2019 Issue 134 headlines

English mapping quest concludes

Conclusions have been published following consultation on England’s Round 3 noise maps. Strategic noise mapping is required under the EU noise directive.

Easement solution questioned by Stigwood

Consultant Mike Stigwood has warned that easements may not be the solution to ‘agent of change’ issues where new housing is put next to existing noisy businesses.

ANC awards

Accon UK’s Graham Parry has become president of the Association of Noise Consultants. Parry is also vice president of the IoA.

SONA update?

MP Ruth Cadbury has asked in Parliament what plans there are to survey local communities on the effect on quality of life of aircraft noise below 51 dB LAeq.

London city

London City Airport is seeking to expand in its new masterplan.

Soundscapes option for highways

Soundscapes are becoming increasingly important in planning, an IoA/Noise Abatement Society conference heard last month.

Heat pump warning from UK noise body

The UK Noise Association has added its voice to fears that the push towards cutting CO2 might lead to noise problems.

400 homes rejected near M1

Ministers have backed an appeal refusal for 400 homes in Northants.

Lisbon conference tackles turbine noise

Experts gathered last month in Lisbon to discuss wind turbine noise.

Drone standards set out by Europe

Europe has set out drone standards and how noise can be tested.

Big dog fine

Two Llandysul dog owners have been ordered to pay over £3,000 for failing to control their dogs’ barking.

Even bigger dog fine

A man who made his neighbours’ lives a misery by keeping a house full of dogs has been fined almost £10,000 for failing to comply with a noise abatement notice.

Noise exposure set to rise

EU predictions suggest noise will rise in the future – despite attempts to bear down on it through noise mapping and action planning. Aviation is the only sector to reduce noise exposure by 2030 despite growth in volumes.

Next noise... the combined Aug/Sept edition which will appear in a few weeks time

Sleeping at home

French researchers have looked at the impact of aviation noise on heart rate during sleep.

‘Noise bending wall’ trialled for railways

Government claims it is funding £7.8m of new ideas for rail projects.

Irish councils finally get planning guidance

Irish local authorities now have guidance on how to deal with noise and planning.

Cameras to cut vehicle noise

Excessively noisy vehicles appear to be able to move around with impunity – but not for much longer. Jack Pease reviews an interesting research report.

Heathrow masterplan gives detail

We’ve heard about flightpaths, we’ve heard about the National Policy Statement, now we have far more local detail from Heathrow in its new masterplan. Lis Stedman ploughs through it.