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August 2018 Headlines       Issue 148

Plea to reopen girl’s inquest

Lawyers are seeking to reopen an inquest into a young girl’s death in a bid to have pollution named as the cause of death.

Highways England: Air quality money unspent

Highways England has failed to spend money destined for air quality. It has spent just £3m of £75m pledged in 2015.

Barbecue settlement in Islington

A legal challenge to barbecues in Highbury Fields park in London has been settled out of court. Islington Council has agreed to restrict BBQ usage.

Poultry odour challenge fails

An attempt to challenge granting of planning permission for a large 210,000 bird-poultry farm has failed.

No to Nottingham clean air zone

Nottingham City Council is rejecting calls to adopt a clean air zone. It is one of the five ‘first wave’ authorities required to consider a zone.

Clean Air Bill: another attempt launched

Activists have made a further attempt to get a clean air bill through the Parliament.

Safeguards needed

The Government should establish a new independent oversight body—the Environmental Enforcement and Audit Office (EEAO) — modelled on the National Audit Office (NAO), to ensure that the governance, enforcement, oversight and policy functions currently carried out by Europe are not lost.

Burners underreported

Pressure group UK Without Incineration says emissions are being under-reported.

Shoreham Ikea: ‘negligible’

A new Ikea near Brighton will have a negligible impact on air quality, developers claim.

Heathrow challenge

Councils near Heathrow have served notice that they intend to launch a legal challenge on a third runway.

Chargepoint laws

A small Bill has been enacted to accelerate installation of a charging network for electric cars.

Knightsbridge plan retains air

Air quality has been weakened in a groundbreaking neighbourhood plan – but the most important provisions remain making it one of the strongest air quality planning aspirations in the country.

Enderby s106 threat

Greenwich Council believes it may be in a position to tighten up safeguards for a controversial cruise ship terminal in east London.

Better Bankside

Better Bankside BID is funding a Clean Air Mini Neighbourhood with £36,500 through the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund.

Fracking shake up takes shape

Moving decision making on fracking planning applications to a national level contradicts the principles of localism and would likely exacerbate existing mistrust between communities and the fracking industry, MPs say.

Shale planning

A consultation has been launched on whether to deregulate shale exploration.

Lancs go ahead

Cuadrilla has received final hydraulic fracture consent DBEIS for its first horizontal shale gas exploration well at its Preston New Road site in Lancashire

Birmingham targets cars for its CAZ

Analysis has now been released on Birmingham’s clean air zone – a type D zone that will target cars.

Dramatic London reductions

London’s worst polluted sites have improved most, Tim Baker told the Londonair conference last month.

First ‘enforcement undertaking’ for odour

The Environment Agency has agreed its first odour enforcement undertaking four years after complaints started.

Road to zero?

The much awaited catch-all clean vehicle strategy – dubbed The Road to Zero – has been launched.

Hybrid power pack

Off Grid Energy, has installed its largest and most powerful temporary power hybrid unit at Kennington Tube station.

Glasgow ambition

Last month we questioned whether Glasgow’s low emission zone plans were ambitious.

Silvertown: dry run for Heathrow?

In early Summer the Silvertown tunnel got the go ahead following exhaustive arguments on air quality that are likely to form a template for Heathrow arguments. Air quality monitoring and mitigation: conditions are set out

London leads LEZ charge

Now the dust has settled, what are the arguments for and against tightening London’s low emission rules?

Truck firms warn against low emission zones

Truck operators have come together to warn that “pricing trucks out of towns” is not the way forward.

LAQM ‘unambitious, counterproductive’

A paper has analysed the UK LAQM system and found it a failure of unambitious and counterproductive national air quality policy.