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Jan 2019 Headlines       Issue 152

Arrest made

A council air quality specialist has been arrested by Surrey Police following publishing of an erroneous 2016 air quality progress report.

Naughty step!

Environment secretary Michael Gove has been questioned by MPs as part of an enquiry into Defra.
(On Derby’s refusal to go for a clean air zone): “It will be the case, unless things change, that there will be some local authorities that we will be critical of and issue directions to. They may change their approach, but until we have concluded those conversations I would not want to put anyone specifically on the naughty step yet.

London taxis to pay charge

The powerful London taxi lobby has protected taxi drivers from punitive emissions legislation for decades but now will be subject to charges.

Precautionary principle sinks Peel Hall

Air quality has been a central argument in further rejection of plans for 1,200 dwellings near a motorway.

Means testing for Birmingham

Means testing will apply to Birmingham clean air zone charges – if the Government funds it.

Health impacts for tyre fire assessed

A huge waste tyre fire did not cause any significant impact on the local population.

Harker move

Graham Harker has left Peter Brett Associates and joined Ramboll in Birmingham where he will be working to build up their air quality team.

Green Budget?

MPs have scrutinised Treasury and other departments on whether the recent Budget delivered any green benefits.

Nursery filtration plan in London

20 children’s nurseries in London will have air quality audits with five of them becoming test beds for air quality filtration.

CO2 benefits debunked

Diesel has been encouraged despite its impact on air quality in the belief that it yielded CO2 benefits. This is challenged by German researchers.

Small firms eligible for van scrappage grant

The London Mayor has launched a modest van scrappage scheme asking central Government to match the £23m of London money.

Electric buses for Guildford

Transport operator Stagecoach is set to introduce nine new fully electric, zero emission buses on its Guildford Park & Ride services. The deal is worth over £3m.

Fleming returns

Peter Fleming has joined Campbell Associates, supporting the Aeroqual range of air quality monitors in the UK.

Cities overturn emission limits

The ability for vehicle manufacturers rely on relaxations in real driving emission limits has been questioned by a lower EU court.

Earthsense updates MAPPAIR pollution map

Earthsense has further developed MappAir, the nationwide map of air pollution, to include historical emissions data.

House checker

Air quality data for householders is being offered by the European Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS).

Glasgow zone

Signs have been erected on main routes into Glasgow as it met its target to start its phased implementation of a low emission zone by the end of 2018.

Truck study

TRL has won a Highways England study into zero emissions HGV technologies
TRL’s role will be to identify and appraise the potential zero emission HGV technologies that can potentially make a positive effect on climate change and air quality.

Preston struggles with smoke

Preston City Council has been unable to tackle persistent smoke nuisance – but has been vindicated by the Local Authority Ombudsman who said the council could do no more.

EU sets out external costs of transport

Air quality is a large part of external costs of transport, a new EU calculation reveals.

Aggressive driving worsens emissions

Aggressive driving on average increases pollutant emissions by 35% in rural driving and by around five times on the motorway, according to testing of the latest passenger cars by Emissions Analytics on its EQUA Index programme.

Aviation strategy lists air quality actions

Government has released its proposed aviation strategy for expansion to 2050 for consultation. It proposes “sustainable growth” which meets rising passenger demand.

Brexit – air quality implications

Brexit is dominating the news. That analysis focuses on the enormous changes that Brexit will bring – a detailed analysis take a closer look at air quality.

Gove’s new Environment Bill sets out post-Brexit framework

Environment secretary Michael Gove is consulting further on the shape of environmental policy post-Brexit. He has also released responses to last year’s consultation on the 25 year environment plan, plans for safeguards and plans for an oversight body.