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Aug 2019 Headlines       Issue 160 

Odour quashes poultry farm

Planning permission has been quashed for a huge poultry farm in Shropshire.

‘Plastics’ research for non-exhaust emissions

Industry is being asked to develop standardised methods for measuring emissions from tyre and brake sources, leading to a new United Nations backed international standard for tyre and brake wear.

Monitoring direction

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled on air quality monitoring locations.

Nursery rejected

A 70-place school nursery has been rejected partly on air quality grounds

Supreme Court blow for Shirley

A prominent campaigner in Kent has lost her bid to challenge planning permission for homes in a Canterbury air quality management area.

Boiler failure

The London Mayor has halted a £10 million boiler cashback scheme as only two projects got off the ground.

Pollution and deaths come down

Policies to improve air quality in the UK over the past 40 years have led to significant reductions in pollution and associated mortality rates, researchers claim when looking at the dramatic improvements between 1970 and 2010.

Maritime aspiration

Government has released its aspirations for cleaner shipping. It includes no fixed targets.

Dudley Zepyhr

Dudley MBC has purchased multiple Zephyr air quality sensors from Enviro Technology Services in a bid to find out just how polluted the air is around a number of the local schools.

Air quality problem solved?

London boroughs EHOs attending the London Air Quality Network conference held last month could be forgiven for thinking their task was complete

Roads spend hinges on barriers

A massive Highways England underspend on air quality may not be corrected by the end of the accounting period, says the government roads regulator.

Height, not shape, is key

Highways England has released a study suggesting height is more important than shape for tall air quality barriers.

Not feasible

Highways England has released a further study suggesting that air quality barriers are not feasible at many Highways England air quality hotspots.

Technology trials start on air quality

Highways England has outlined a series of 11 trials aimed at improving air quality

12 cities five years on

A new European Environment Agency report analyses the implementation of EU air quality legislation at the urban level and identifies some of the reasons behind persistent air quality problems in 12 European cities.

Lords fear post-Brexit law gap

Before the parliamentary recess, Lords discussed environmental regulations needed after Brexit.

Commissioner-enforced bus LEZ for Oxford

Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council are seeking to introduce a new low emission zone (LEZ) for buses to be a minimum of Euro 6 enforced through Traffic Commissioner licensing.

PDR warning

English Councils have warned that homes created using permitted development rights are a potential threat to people’s health and wellbeing, with the most vulnerable people in society being more at risk.

Glasgow schools

Schools near Glasgow have been monitoring air quality as part of a project aiming to reduce the levels of pollution emitted by vehicles as they drop off and collect children.

Black cab update

1,250 TfL grants of £10,000 for taxi drivers ditching older, polluting cabs have been awarded. This has led to nearly 2,000 electric taxis now running on London’s streets

Timings sinks CAZ

Last month demolition of houses was chosen over a clean air zone. What does that say about CAZs, asks Jack Pease?

More evidence that air pollution hits the poor

A paper from the University of the West of England provides further evidence that air pollution disproportionately affects poor people.

Heatwave event

London and most of the South East suffered a widespread moderate ozone pollution episode for the days of July 23rd, 24th and 25th. The cause being record-beating temperatures over 30 deg C, a feed of air from central Europe and light winds resulting in poor dispersion.

The slow decline of PM2.5

Defra has snuck out a curious thinkpiece on PM2.5, perhaps suspecting that it might otherwise sink without trace.

We still know so little on PM

Despite decades of research into air pollution generally and non-exhaust emissions specifically, finds Jack Pease

New technology to the rescue?

A central feature of UK policy is the encouragement of electric vehicles and the key issue here is how regenerative braking and the changing mass of vehicles will affect non-exhaust emissions, says the Aqeg report.

Microplastics  terminology

Last year’s air quality strategy contained a forward from the secretary of state talking of microplastic emissions from vehicles.
Coining this new term might be more sexy and concise than non-exhaust emissions but experts are not entirely sure it is the correct use of the term.

No such thing as zero emissions

Aqeg has taken against the term ‘zero emission vehicle’ as there is no such thing, at best there may be a zero emission engine. It took the unusual step of warning experts not to use the term pointing out it is misleading (AQB December 2018).

Sensor technology advances

The challenges with electrochemical NO2 sensors in outdoor air monitoring