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August  2017 Headlines

£40m – now get on with it

Local authorities have been told that £40m has been immediately made available to them to get on with studies to reduce NO2 near roads.

NO2 backtrack undermines case for action

As flagged up by AQB two months ago, the business case for tackling NO2 has collapsed.

France ban

Some weeks before a similar pledge within the UK NO2 plan, France has pledged to ban sales of all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040.
Meanwhile Volvo has said that it will cease development of new internal combustion engined cars from 2019.

Councils write to Gove

Leaders of six councils have taken the step of writing to environment secretary Michael Gove saying air quality plan proposals do not go far enough.

Clean surge

The number of ultra-low emission vehicles on British roads has reached the 100,000 milepost.
108,641 ULEVs are registered in the UK – nearly double the 2015 number.
In the first quarter of 2017, ULEV registrations were also up 17% year on year.

Short term NO2 sinks STOR

A diesel powered generating station in Bristol has been turned down due to potential breaches of one hour NO2 standards.

Cold start headache for new technology

Emission Analytics says cold starts could thwart the ability of new Euro standards to clean up emissions.

Combustion outcome

Government has released a summary of responses to a consultation on how it intends to transpose the Medium Combustion Plant Directive.

Battery van boost

The Government is consulting on allowing heavier electric vans to be driven on an ordinary drivers licence. Electric vans are heavier than their conventional counterparts.

Aviation strategy pre-consultation starts

Pressure for further aviation growth has prompted a pre-consultation on a new UK aviation strategy.

Fleming relaunch

Peter Fleming has returned to air quality as Air Quality Monitoring Consultants specialising in providing independent advice on all

Agriculture guide

Defra has produced a guide for English farmers to reduce their environmental impact, including emissions to air.

Gatwick prompts worsening

Increased air pollution appears to undermine a key argument used by Gatwick Airport in bidding to host a new runway.

AQ directive to receive fitness check

The European Commission is to carry out a ‘”fitness check” of EU air quality directives 2008/50/EC and 2004/107/EC which sets standards and monitoring protocols.

New remote sensing LIDAR

Enviro Technology has formed a partnership with US firm Sigma Space and has been busy trialling a new micro-pulse LIDAR (MPL).

Public health cuts

Central government cuts have forced councils to reduce planned spending on public health services by £85 million, according to new analysis by The King’s Fund.

Airport panel

Heathrow Airport has set up an “independent” air quality expert review group.
Imperial College’s Helen Apsimon will chair the group which has been set up by the airport to “provide expert perspectives to ensure a third runway is delivered without compromising the UK’s ability to comply with legal air quality requirements”.

Scottish MSP probe

Scottish Parliament’s Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee has launched a hearing into air quality and is seeking views on....

NO2 impact outweighs PM2.5

Health impacts from traffic pollution are dominated by NO2 – not PM2.5 – claims Roy Harrison of Birmingham University.

Further all-clear for waste incinerators

The Small Area Health Statistics Unit (SAHSU) has revisited research on incinerators and reaffirm they cause a small impact.

Petrol releases more carbon than diesel

A study suggests modern petrol cars emit much more particulate matter – including black carbon and primary organic aerosol – than modern diesel cars.

AQ business fund

The London Mayor has launched a new £1m air quality business fund.

Ammonia rise

The annual European Union emission inventory report 1990-2015 under the UNECE Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (LRTAP) shows that ammonia emissions fell by 23% between 1990 and 2015, but increased in the EU-28 between 2014 and 2015 by 1.8%. l

Stamford Bridge

A judicial review of Hammersmith and Fulham’s planning permission allowing expansion of Chelsea Football club’s Stamford Bridge ground has been thrown out.

NICE guidelines finalised

Jack Pease remains hugely disappointed by the finalised NICE guideline on air quality. Vague. Superficial. Unhelpful. Irrelevant. Here’s what people said.