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July 2018 Headlines       Issue 147

Councils muster to fight runway

Heathrow may have won a Parliamentary vote by a landslide – but a third runway is still by no means certain.

Superinquiry response concedes little

Government has responded to the MPs’ ‘superinquiry’ on air quality. The unprecedented joining-up of four Commons committees led to a critical report (AQB Jan p6) and Gov-ernment has now responded.

Bigger London ULEZ

Phase two of the London ultra low emission zone will expand up to (but not including) the North and South Circulars – not all the way out to the M25 as some had hoped.

London ‘Hyperlocal’ air mapping

London will have ‘hyperlocal’ air quality mapping with smart sensors and Google Street View cars

Mayor launches child health study

Over 3,000 primary school children in polluted areas of London and Luton will have their lung health monitored over a four-year period in a new international study looking at LEZs led by Queen Mary University of London and launched by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

NASA satellite view of moor fire

Smoke from the Saddleworth Moor peat fires as seen by NASA satellites

Manchester report

A new report suggests more action is needed in Manchester. Manchester defied logic when it was omitted from the first wave authorities required to produce a charging zone, and will not make public current thinking on whether or not it will charge.

Aether decade

Consultant Aether has celebrated it’s 10th ‘birthday’.

News roundup from the Iapsc conference held in London

Biomass takes centre stage

Paul Monks warned of the current contradiction in policy on biomass at last month’s IAPSC conference in London.

Councillors refuse incinerator against advice

Councillors have ignored officers and voted down an incinerator in Sowerby Bridge.

Deaths halved?

A new European Commission report shows that the number of premature deaths due to air pollution in 2030 could be reduced by more than 50%, if member states applied NECD policies on air pollutant emissions, climate and energy.

Speed cut for immediate benefit

Wales is championing the use of speed limits to reduce emissions immediately. England has tended to avoid speed restrictions – or play them down – for fear of annoying motorists despite clear benefits (AQB Feb p1).

Wales costs integrated approach on air

Public Health Wales is arguing for an integrated approach to reduce the air pollution burden on public health.

Scotland LEZ Bill

Scotland has published a transport bill which paves the way for forthcoming low emission zones

Council CAZs take shape

While the deadline for completing CAZ plans is not till autumn, councils must consult on them and many must do so now to meet the deadline. What are councils proposing?

Cheat loophole gone

The loophole that has let carmarkers off the hook in the UK for cheat devices has been closed.

Brexit amendment

The House of Commons has passed a government amendment about environmental principles and a new green watchdog in the EU Withdrawal Bill, which could weaken protection for the environment in the UK, claims Clientearth.

CAZ difficulties spelled out to Lords

Council officers are usually muzzled so cannot spill the beans. But in front of MPs they can and do tell it like it is on the difficulties with Clean Air Zones.

Heathrow expansion

Six pages of analysis on Heathrow

Government response to NPS consultation

As part of the package the Government released its response to the National Policy Statement consultation has been released. Having considered these responses, this is its considered response but note this is different to the Government response to the Transport Committee recommendations