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Mar 2019 Headlines       Issue 155

Canterbury appeal dashed again

The Appeal Court has rejected once again attempts to block a development near Canterbury that would adversely affect an air quality management area.

Highways England to “revolutionise” roads and driving

Two competitions have been launched by Highways England to encourage innovative ideas to “revolutionise” roads and driving.

£80m on air quality barriers?

Highways England has launched a competition for a mind boggling £80m air quality barrier project.

Zephyr deal

Enviro Technology is to partner EarthSense to market Zephyr sensors to UK local authorities.

Epuk plea

Environmental Protection UK is seeking a volunteer who can spare them four to six hours a week to act as Epuk’s secretariat. l Contact Christopher Fry, head of trustees for more details cchfry@btinter for further info.

UK councils join forces with plea

UK100 city leaders and environmental groups met last month and are calling for the Government’s proposed Environment Bill to be renamed the Clean Air and Environment Bill.

Scottish fire ban?

MSP Roseanna Cunningham was asked in Scottish Parliament question time if the Scottish Government would consider banning domestic wood burning.

Bus on call

On-demand bus services are set to be trialled in Sutton in south west London.

Reading rapped over woodsmoke

The local authority ombudsman has criticised Reading Borough Council for failing to fully investigate domestic smoke nuisance.

London van scrappage cash now available

A £23 million scheme is now operating to help London’s microbusinesses and charities scrap older, polluting vans and minibuses.

Monitoring pledge

Government is still being pressed to reduce its reliance on modelling.

More PQs

Government was asked by MP John Cryer what action on air quality is being taken.

Bristol answers back

Bristol has explained why it is late in putting forward its clean air zone. It was heavily criticised last month (AQB Feb p1).

Taxi registration underway for clean air zones

Defra has released basic details of the outcome of a consultation on identifying taxis accessing clean air zones.

HS2 gets tough on emissions standards

HS2 – set to be UK’s biggest and most ambitious infrastructure project – will insist on strict emission standards for construction plant.

NECD rebadged

Government is consulting on the UK National Air Pollution Control Programme (NAPCP). This is required under the updated NECD.

Costs explainer

Thinking behind new and increased damage costs (AQB Feb p1) has been released.

London breaches ever later

King’s College London has analysed data and notes that breaching the EU hourly NO2 objective is becoming later and later in the year – it used to happen one week after the New Year.

Data reveals mixed success for pollutants

Data for 2017 – the latest official statistics available – suggest mixed improvements for pollutants in the UK.

Parliament discusses Brexit regs

Bills are currently being scrutinised in Parliament setting out the shape of post-Brexit environmental regulations.
Environment (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 will set out regulations post Brexit.


Cerc’s ADMS-Urban model is providing air quality forecasts for Manchester

Diesel test case

The European Commission has announced that it will likely appeal an order from the Court of Justice of the European Union on diesel emissions tests.

More calls for scrappage cash

There have been yet more calls for scrappage schemes to accelerate introduction of clean cars despite official concerns about their effectiveness. Jack Pease reports.

Research on scrappage success

Canadian researchers warn that scrappage programmes may actually delay replacement in a new paper currently in press.

Focus shifts to schools

Targeting schools is an increasingly popular theme in the fight to reduce exposure to children. A timely academic paper reviews good practice.

Filtration for schools?

The London Mayor has announced a scheme whereby some nurseries will install filtration systems to improve air quality (AQB January p3).

How London improvements will help the vulnerable

Last month consultant Aether analysed how London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s London Environment Strategy (LES) plans would make dramatic improvements to exposure in coming years (AQB February p1).

Filter Cubes could help to avoid driving bans

German firm Mann & Hummel has made the suggestion that filter cubes could replace the need for driving bans.

Filtration studied by Kelly

Indoor air filtration has been studied by King’s College London’s Frank Kelly.