Environmental Management Publishing - publisher
of noise and air quality newsletters

We published Air Quality Bulletin and Noise Bulletin.
Sadly between austerity, covid and now expected further financial unertainty EMP ltd has been closed down (March 31st 2022).

PDFs are being made freely available Air Quality Bulletin here and Noise Bulletin here



You can contact me on peasealt@gmail.com

About us (as was - now superceded):
We are a small firm which aims to serve the air, noise and environmental health
communities.  We fervently believe that there is a role for sharp, incisive reporting of stories that help us all do our job better. Unfortunately our time has to be paid for - if you want free news, there's plenty out there on the web in the form of churnalism and press releases - we think what we provide is unique and worth paying for.

Environmental Management Publishing was a limited company registered
at Companies House in England no. 05719761

Who were we:

Jack Pease graduated as a civil engineer from Kings College London and worked
as a civil engineer for several years.
   But bosses got fed up with him asking too many questions - he made the
switch to journalism working for Construction News, New Civil Engineer,
Contract Journal (very briefly!), The Engineer, Local Transport Today.
Freight Magazine (trucks!) and Air Quality Management.
He launched Noise Management and Contaminated Land Management,
but as those titles were being neglected, he set up EMP and launched
'the bulletins' in April 2006.
    In April 2013 Contaminated Land transferred to
Environment Analyst ltd.


Jack Pease  








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