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August 2021 Issue 1834

Walleys landfill kicks up a stink

Residents are at their wits end about inaction over odours and health concerns at Walley’s Landfill near Stoke on Trent.

Builders moot ‘safe haven’ guidance

Building firms have set out guidance to create air quality ‘safe havens’.

Fleming solo (again)

Peter Fleming is now operating as a specialist consultant dealing with all aspects of air quality monitoring, independent of commercial monitor firms.He aims to offer unbiased advice based on his over 30 years of experience. He is operating under the name “Peter Fleming Air Quality”

Silvertown probe

Three new sites measuring NO2 have recently been added to the LAQN, two in Newham and one in Greenwich.

Six week campaign at UK supersites

Researchers have started an intensive six-week measurement programme at air quality supersites across the UK, aiming to provide new insight into the formation of air pollution, and its impact on people.

Starbucks allowed at appeal

Harrogate Borough Council has lost an appeal against a Starbucks drive through with air quality objections overruled.

Research focus shifts indoors

Three new research projects will investigate how air pollutants (including outdoor-derived air) in indoor spaces can adversely affect the health of the people inhabiting them.

Aqeg needs seven

There has been large turnover at the Air Quality Expert Group which advises Defra on policy. It is seeking seven new members.

Free range chickens rejected

A planning inspector has rejected an appeal for a free range chicken extension 1.2km away from the River Wye Special Area of Conservation due to ammonia fears. The case hinged on where the hens poop.

Highways England struggles once again

Analysis of Highways England’s performance on air quality reveals that it continues to struggle to come to terms with its air quality commitments.

ULEZ launch

London Mayor Sadiq Khan says asthma attack findings justify launch of an expanded ultra low emission zone (ULEZ).

Bristol CAZ booted back a year

Bristol’s clean air zone has been delayed yet again – it is now planned in ‘summer’ 2022 despite having been directed to introduce it this October.

Further delays for Newcastle CAZ

Newcastle City Council has announced further delays and dilution of its clean air zone.

Healthy streets

The 2021 Healthy Streets Scorecard shows huge divergence in action among London boroughs on measures to improve streets during the Covid crisis.

Only way for Essex

Basildon Council and Essex County Council have been directed to comply with requirements to cut NO2.

City comparisons

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has launched the European city air quality viewer. Users can check how the air quality has been over the past two years compared to other cities.

Angus closures

SEPA is monitoring air quality levels around two Montrose schools and educating pupils about air pollution through SEPA’s ‘Learn About Air’ educational initiative.

Councils try to tighten bill

The Local Government Association, London Councils and the City of London have attempted to insert extra provisions into the Environment Bill.

Bristol Airport planning inquiry opens

The inquiry into the appeal by Bristol Airport Limited against the refusal by North Somerset Council to grant planning permission for an expansion of Bristol Airport opened last month.

Uttlesford objects

Uttlesford District Council has submitted its challenge to the High Court to overturn Stansted Airport expansion approved at appeal

Scotland finalises CAFS 2 strategy

Scotland’s lead over the UK in terms of air quality policy has narrowed of late – has Scotland got anything new to say?

PM2.5 limits: easier said than done

Adoption of PM2.5 targets within the Environment Bill is easier said than done, finds Jack Pease. Some good quality deep thinking has been taking place on what to do next now ambient air is so much cleaner.




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